You Know You Are A Ballroom Dancer When…


Ballroom dancing does something to you as a person. If it didn’t, what would be the point? There are social, physical and mental benefits that are wonderful and unique. There are also certain thought patterns and life patterns that too, are… unique. Basically, you know that you are ballroom dancer when…

    • You have a special budget for hairspray.
    • You stretch your body to unreal limits in practice, but fear walking on uneven pavement because of the slightest possibility of an ankle injury.
    • Your “regular” clothes are outdated or pretty much falling apart because you are only interested in practice wear, costumes and evening clothes for Saturday night at the comp, and of course the after party.
    • The sum of all the makeup you use, the makeup you bought and do not use, and the various cases for your makeup, weigh about as much as you do.
    • You have forgotten that YouTube has anything other than competition and showdance videos.


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    • You are convinced that you could do everything you see in the comp videos on YouTube with just a little more practice.
    • You no longer measure the value of items in dollars, pounds or euros, but instead, measure all material goods terms of: half of costume, 3 pairs of latin shoes or the cost of 1 National or International comp.
    • You practice standing on the balls of your feet with either stick straight legs or soft knees when waiting for a bus or elevator. And are always the last one to get in, just so you can get that extra bit of practice in.
    • The first thing you may notice on someone’s face is how well their eyeliner is applied.
    • You check the way other people walk. If a person walks with their toes turned in, you get irritated!


  • Your favorite practice shoes look like someone took a hammer to them, but you will never ever throw them away, even if you have new ones… just because you just never will… ever!
  • Everything in your search engine’s history has the word dance in it.
  • You check your lines in every mirror you pass, and you think no one is looking.
  • You practice your choreography and technique, whenever you have 30 free seconds, and you think no one is looking.
  • People start to admire your posture, and you think to yourself: “Damn right… I am a dancer!”


Author: Miss P [Celebrate DanceSport]
Photography: DanceSport
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review