Vegetarian Dance Sport

Dance Comp Review

On numerous occasions, while competing professionally, it had crossed my mind to try the vegetarian lifestyle. The reasons for my thoughts varied, but I was honestly afraid that my body and mind won’t be able to handle it. My plan was to leave this idea for better times, when I’m no longer competing, as I was certain it would jeopardize my performance and dance levels.

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Oh, was I ever mistaken…

Sure, competitive career is stressful and the priority is mostly, well, to win… (Or, at least place better than you previously have). And, I now realize, that it’s primarily the stress, serving as the main cause of all body injuries and emotional breakdowns. A stress by choice, actually! Competition is just an event. It’s the attendees, regardless of the purpose of attendance, are the ones who make the big deal out of it.

Who would have known that, inhibiting the vegetarian lifestyle would cause my body to feel so much lighter, so much more energetic and so much more… capable? Too bad I only realized this after stopping the competitive side of ballroom dancing. But, thankfully, I’ve had a chance to have a sit down moment with a well seasoned vegetarian couple, who also happen to be 2016 National United States Professional American Smooth Runners Up – Mazen Hamza & Izabella Jundzill.