Things Dance Instructors Say Vol.5

Things Dance Instructors Say Vol.5

And we have done it! Volume 5 of Things Dance Instructors Say. That only shows that a vocabulary of awesome dance teacher phrases is definitely big. Have you read the previous volumes?

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“I’ll do you at 4:00 and 4:45 and then we’ll do him at 4:45.”

“Male instructor gesturing to female student’s chest: “We need to take advantage of all this GOODNESS.”

“A Spin turn and then a whisk across the bottom “

“if you are in pain, you know you are alive.”

“You don’t want the man to just jerk you off…”

“This is not latin, my dear. From now you need to dance like you want to pee.”

“I should be seeing all of your left boobies right now and I don’t even see one!!!”

“Nice and easy … AND BAM!!!”

“I don’t think that this is suppose to be here…”

“This is not a Rumba Walk!. This is cross country skiing, while sitting on a toilet!”

“Open up, Virgin Mary!”

“I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel”

“No, Yes…. Mmmm… Not quite!”

“Did you just get off the horse? Your legs are way to open!”

“Where is my broomstick?”

“Don’t squeeze!…”

“Don’t Pull!…”

“You’re Pushing!”

“How can you be so good and so bad?”

“No, that’s not a latin hand, that’s Bull Horns!”


“When doing an under-arm turn, tuck your arm in, so you don’t ring his “Bells of Notre-Dame”

“Look up, I didn’t drop any coins on the floor!”

“I know you are trying very hard, but I can’t feel my fingers.”

“This was way better than the last one you did. Let’s make sure it wasn’t a fluke.”

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