Things Dance Instructors Say Vol.4

With every volume of “Things Dance Instructors Say”, there’s a Student out there somewhere that giggles from a reminder their Dance Teacher made, which made it to the list…

It’s time for Vol. 4 of ‘Things Dance Instructors Say’, and it keeps getting better and better. If you haven’t checked the previous releases, here is the list:
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[Things Dance Instructors Say Vol.3]

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“What are we going to do to get me up?”

“You’re too far between my legs.”

“I should feel it, but it’s hard.”

“I guess I wanted to be on top.’

”It’s a very intense feeling between your legs.”

”Sometimes you get too excited and you go too early.”

”Go ahead. Play around down there.”

”I want to feel your body.”

”Oh God! I can finally feel you.”

”I like it that we go lower.”

”I want you to whip it out.”

”It feels really good. It should feel that good all the time.”

”You’re really giving it to me.”

“Can’t you get into her a little more? (Coach to a man.)

“He can get in better positions than I can. (Man speaking about another man.)”

“That was better for me. Was it better for you?”

“The minute it comes up … it’s over.”

“I’ve been mainly doing it by myself and it hasn’t been going very well.”

“I got off.”

“His hands were occupied elsewhere.”

“I want to feel your butt.”

“You put them (fingers) where you want them.”

“I don’t go down when you go down.”

“You have to go down and put it in straight.”

“Okay, so I’m going to come and do something with you now, and then you’ll tell me how you feel about it.”

With LOVE from ALL Dance Comp Review CONTRIBUTORS!