Things Dance Instructors Say Vol.3


Just imagine if your friends, who are not related to ballroom dancing, would hear “Things Dance Instructors Say”, what would their reaction be? Probably something like … “Are you involved in the process of directing a Not-So-Appropriate Movie?”

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We all know it is for the greater good, right?! Meanwhile be sure to check out [Vol.1] of Things Dance Instructors Say and [Vol.2]

“I like it when you go down and up.”

“I can’t get bigger because you won’t let me.”

“How many times have I had to put my hands between your legs?”

“Be naughty.”

“Give me your hip.”

“I need to walk through you.”

“If you want to, you guys can use two hands at the same time.”

“Her job is to spread her legs and wait.”

“We’re on a nude beach smoking our cigarettes and drinking our margaritas.”

“It always works best to start from the back end.”

“If you don’t let me in, it won’t happen.”

“You have to keep your legs apart and let me slide my leg in between.”

“You have to make it small and really tight.”

“Give me your booty.”

“You can do it, but now you have to do it faster.”

“You won’t be able to go down on me…”

“Was it good for you?”

“Have you ever done a number with two men? (Spoken to a woman)”

“I need to feel your thigh. How else can I get in there?”

“Really, what makes it better is when I wrap my legs around him.”

“I’m going to have Bob for a little while now.”

“Dan, you really are extended.”

“Keep loose and get it up.”

“I’ll tell you what you look like from behind.”

“There’s a lot of usage of the balls.”

By Miss P [Celebrate DanceSport] & ALL Dance Comp Review CONTRIBUTORS!