Things Dance Instructors Say Vol. 2


Continuing on with Things Dance Instructors Say … Vol.2 Being a dance instructor is a very unique profession. It involves a lot of versatility and multi-tasking. And, sometimes, in order to get a point across, a dance instructor would need to use some “sophisticated” wording. But we all know, they all use them for the greater good. Have you read Vol.1? Start your laughing journey HERE!

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“It’s okay. If you get dizzy and fall down, it will be beautiful.”

“Guys, remember! Balls over balls!”

“Do it again. And make it… not terrible, this time. Okay?”

“That was not good. But it’s fine.”

“Open your legs for me.”

“No! I want to feel you.”

“I said your balls, there is a big difference between my balls and my toes.”

“First I’m on bottom, then you’re on bottom”

“No cheese cutters” (explaining the way to make your hand available)

“I can’t feel your butt”. (when explaining the need to lean back and the rear end)

“This is not latin my dear. From now you need to dance like you want to pee.”

“You guys look like exotic animals on parade.”

“I do not want you passing wind when we pivot.” (in other words, keep legs together)

“Hurry! There is no time to explain! Spread your legs!

“Ok ladies one more time, then I’ll do the men”

“I want you to milk it!!! Milk it!!”

“Definitely not”

“Mmmmm … Feel the of JOY of repetition.”

“Hold the crown jewels.”

“Boobs on balls and chin on elbow”

“Harder Harder HARDER! – Now Faster!”

“Neck up and head still like a chicken. Think chicken and you will be gorgeous.”

“One jellyfish and another jellyfish don’t make a dance couple!” 

“Spread ‘em, spread ‘em, spread ‘em as far as you can!”

“Hey!!!! ………….. What the HELL was that?!!”