Things Dance Instructors Say Vol. 1


Dancing lessons – a unique and wonderful experience, that involves growth, knowledge, new perspectives, and, of course Things Dance Instructors Say…

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ance instructors and coaches have a unique challenge of giving information in a way that is clear and memorable. The desire to get the point across can bring out the emotion and creativity of the coach along with the information. When that happens, the statements can be priceless.

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Presenting to you, the actual quotes said by different dance instructors and coaches (Many Thanks to all Vol.1 contributors). These are some of the many reasons we love them so much:

“You have to decide what leg your head is on.”

“This is a straight line …
This is what a straight line looks like …
This is a LINE that is actually STRAIGHT! …
Hmmm, okay, so let me draw a straight line for you…”

“I need to come inside you, then outside you…”

“Stretch, stretch….” Student: “I feel like I’m going to fall over.” Teacher: “Good, at least you will fall pretty.”

“Feel me, use my body, don’t finish before me.” followed immediately by: “You seem distracted. What are you thinking about?”

“You’re a piano… Good… Better… Now, the piano has wheels.”

“Left. LEFT! More LEFT! Stretch your head left. HEAD LEFT! Stay to my right side… Left… Give me your right side. Find ME! HEAD left! More left! GO!!! LEFT!!!”

“I want you right THERE … between my legs!”

“Make it goo-i-er. More gooey! MORE GOOEY!”

“Where’s your boobs? I don’t see them. I must see your boobs all the time. You understand why this is important, don’t you?”

“Don’t dance where your feet are…”

“I need you to do an arm kick right there!…”

“The other left.”

“I need you to be firm and stay up.”

“What just happened?”

“Use your front leg, then your hind leg.”

“Hmmm… You used my manhood to break your fall…”

“You’re being a fridge”,
“Stop being a fridge”,
“Why are you dancing like a fridge?”,
“You can’t be a fridge!”,
“Less fridge!…”

“… And then you screw yourself into the floor!”

“The other right.”

“Use me … USE ME! … Why don’t you use my body?!”

“Pretend you are dancing on a porta-potty…” (When explaining the need to take SMALL steps in Swing)

“Guys, go left, like a NASCAR.”

“You pulled out! I told you NOT to pull out!”

“Fall forward on your face. Do it aggressively. Be feminine … and RELAX.”


Author: Miss P [Celebrate DanceSport]
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review