The Power of Your Head – Fabio Selmi


Just a known fact: An average man’s head weights about 5kg (11lb). When it comes to Dance Sport, where your body is in constant motion, it is absolutely essential to know how to use it’s weight properly. A well known DancerSport coach Fabio Selmi, who is known for his “extra” shapes, gives a great fundamental lecture on The Power of Dancer’s Head, and how one’s head weight should be utilized.

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When we grow as dancers, we ALL have our idols, or dancers we look up to. And, until you get to a certain level, you will probably copy a lot of their dance moves. That is just a process of growth. However, sometimes dancers take it a bit too far – adding an extra “Umph”, without fully understanding the consequences and the injuries they are causing to their bodies.

Fabio stresses that point, starting at 2:30 of the video below