The Dancer’s List of Awesome


Do you remember the Book of Awesome? It is about the under-appreciated, simple things that make people happy. Popping bubble wrap. Hitting a bunch of green lights in a row. Waking up thinking “it’s a work day” and realizing it’s your day off.  Well, if anyone has awesome in their lives, it is ballroom dancers. Here are 14 of a very long Dancer’s List of Awesome.

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1. When your coach has that look on his/her face that says “Damn that was amazing” while saying “hmm… Better”

2. When the double-sided sticky tape that keeps your costume decent, holds in all places, all day.

3. When you hear your showdance tune in supermarket and no one else is in the aisle.

4. When you are the only couple on one side of the floor, and all adjudicators are looking in your direction as you do your best move.

5. When your costume feels looser in all the right places and, and you were not even trying to lose weight.

6. When you finish all your dances with more energy than you started, because you did your moves effortlessly and still got a rush.

7. When you can do your makeup in 15 minutes.

8. When the last comp picture of you and your partner get 215 likes and 49 shares.

9. When you haven’t done a move that used to be hard for you in quite a while, and then you do it easily Like a Boss.

10. When you watch Dancing with the Stars with your non-dancing friends and can explain to them how the trickiest moves can and should be done.

11. When your tired old nasty shoes that you love, get rhinestoned and look like brand new with price tag 3 times what you paid.

12. When you think you are late for your first heat, but end up walking in at the exact right time and straight onto the floor with the coolness and style of James Bond.

13. When they call your name and number last.

14. When you have that ache that is not pain, it is more like a sweet reminder of a great time.

Author: Miss P [Celebrate DanceSport]
Cover Photography: DanceSport Photography
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review