The Annoying Dance Fan – Making Of + BONUS

Dance Comp Review

I‘ve already discovered and watched a few show videos, such as “The Soldiers” and “Mr. & Mrs. Latin” by Neil & Ekaterina, and was fascinated with an extraordinary style they bring to the industry. It is fresh, modern and with a bit of an edge. I knew I HAD to interview them at one point in time, but I didn’t know how to start.

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Moustache Snuggles from Danse Sport Montréal
Dance Comp Review

Danse Sport Montréal

Late June in Montréal is breezy and full of excitement, not to mention that Pierre Allaire and Mireille Veilleux are always meticulous with their hospitality. You know, for me Danse Sport Montréal is like a yearly stepping stone. Back then it was all about competitive dancing, but the last few years there have brought something else. DSM this year scored me an opportunity to interview with the Joneses, and create a first ever trilogy in the Dance Comp Review’s Insta Video history – The Annoying Dance Fan. I am forever thankful!


The Beginning

When I found out that they will be coming to Canada to do shows, I knew I had to take the opportunity and reach out. To my surprise, Neil was pretty responsive about the interview and possible videos, and after our quick conversation on Twitter we didn’t discuss anything further until they arrived to Montréal.

The idea for “The Fan” came out of several modern phenomenons – Selfie and Celebrity Obsessions. If you haven’t seen the trilogy yet, or missed a few parts, here is the full version:


The weekend was exhausting, but it was definitely worth it. The weather, the competition, the organizers, seeing good old friends and finally meeting new ones – The whole experience was A BLAST. The interview shall be coming soon, but I am leaving you with a few memorable Behind The Scene & Blooper moments for giggles.

Cheers and Happy Dancing!

Author: Egor Shalvarov
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review