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Why Dance Women are BETTER than Dance Men

Did I say better? You heard me right! Dance women are so much BETTER than dance men! Even though this statement comes across as pretty...

Sexy Starts With You

Sexy. That’s the first word we think of when we see Latin and Rhythm dancing ladies. It’s no lie that they possess every bit...

Brown Cutcrease Makeup Tutorial

Yet another awesome video from An Knook. This time she gives out a clear breakdown of her Brown Cutcrease, using the Toofaced Stardust Eyepalette. Even...

Competitive Ballroom Swirls

Clean slick back into a bun is good, but swirls are so much better! Besides, when you lift them up a little at the front,...

10 Things Amateur DanceSport Women Think Before A Competition

Just, a few things Amateur DanceSport Women think before a Dance Competition Exclusively for Dance Comp Review

Ballroom Dance Women – The Image Behind

THE Ultimate Image of the Duet! No matter how good the Man is, the Ballroom Dance Woman completes the couple. It's true! If you think...

6 Tips For DanceSport MakeUp With A Youthful Look

The best thing about make-up is that it allows you to highlight your unique features or showcase a part of your character. With this,...

6 Ways to Style Short Hair for Ballroom Dancing

Many people think that having short hair limits your hairstyle options in ballroom dancing. Not a chance! When it is well cut and styled, short...