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Ballroom Dance Competition MakeUp – “Vampy”

Sultry Eyes & Dark Lips - Edgy Ballroom Dance Competition MakeUp Tutorial We can get inspired by different things. MakeUp could easily be one of...

Purple & White Ballroom Dance MakeUp Tutorial

Detailed Purple & White Ballroom Dance MakeUp Tutorial Another great ballroom dance makeup tutorial for all lady-dancers out there. This time the colour scheme is...

“Soft Tone” Ballroom Dance Competition MakeUp Tutorial

Ballroom Dance Competition MakeUp - Creating a "Soft Tone" Here is another great tutorial on ballroom dance competition make up. Amanda A. Williams is a proud...

10 Things To Know About Ballroom Dance Competition MakeUp

Is your Face ready for your next Ballroom Dance Competition? Here are a few essential tips on MakeUp that will save. 1. Prepare your face...

Basic Grey Shading MakeUp Tutorial

It's Basics Time with Basic Grey Shading For all the ladies out there who do their own makeup. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on basic...