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No More Raccoon Eyes Makeup!

Are you getting Raccoon Eyes for your Competitive MakeUp? Just... Watch this... We see this on the floor ALL THE TIME! For some reason a lot of...

“Smouldering Smokey Eyes” – MakeUp Tutorial

A Smouldering Smokey Eyes to compliment your look for the next dance competition Another great option for your competitive look MakeUp - Smouldering Smokey Eyes....

Competitive “Sparkling” DanceSport MakeUp Tutorial

Add sparkle to your Competitive DanceSport MakeUp As far as we remember, we have already mentioned Ekaterina Sharanova, a Youth Latin Dancer from Russia, who...

7 Minute DanceSport MakeUp Tutorial

DanceSport MakeUp must be perfect in many ways. Especially, when done in quick 7 minutes Fitting a competitive makeup in 7 minutes is a great skill...

Basic Competition MakeUp Tutorial For Men

Ladies, you can finally breathe out and send your partners directly to this site, as we finally came about on creating a video tutorial...

Highlight & Contour MakeUp Tutorial

Creating perfection with Highlight & Contour MakeUp Tutorial. Since ballroom dancing is all about perfection, and makeup is one of the areas which has...

Dancesport MakeUp for Men

Competition dancing is performance dancing. Your primary audience is made up of judges, but spectators and other dancers are your audience too. Most performers...

“Orange Blend” Dance MakeUp Tutorial

Want to match your makeup to your orange dance dress? "Orange Blend" Dance MakeUp Tutorial should help! A great video tutorial by lovely ...

6 Tips For DanceSport MakeUp With A Youthful Look

The best thing about make-up is that it allows you to highlight your unique features or showcase a part of your character. With this,...

Roaring 1920’s Dance MakeUp Tutorial

Ballroom Dance Competition MakeUp from "The Great Gatsby" era. Another great inspiration for all ballroom dance competing ladies on their makeup. And this time, we...