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Rumba Hip Action With Espen Salberg, Slavik Kryklyvyy & Elena Khvorova

Rumba is one of the fundamental dances for Hip Action, which is also known as "Cuban Motion". Espen explains why. Espen Salberg, originally from Norway,...

May I Have This Dance, Please? – With Pierre Dulaine

In the modern times, we have become experts at isolating ourselves. What do we do?... Ballroom Dance! Pierre Dulaine, four time world champion in exhibition...

The Ballroom Dance Foundation

The process of learning is an inevitable process, especially when there is a big desire to grow stronger a a ballroom dancer. Having a...

Dance Connection In International Latin With Alexey Silde

The "Breathing" of International Latin Dance Connection lecture with Alexey Silde Alexey Silder with Anna Firstova, International Latin WDSF Champions, talk about the fundamentals of...
Express With Ease In Competitive Ballroom Dance

Express With Ease In Competitive Ballroom Dance

Are you expressing yourself with ease in Competitive Ballroom Dancing? Antonio Gioncada, talks about dance performance problems present day International Style Standard ballroom dancers...

BREATHING In Ballroom Dancing

When you concentrate very hard, you get tense, and your ‘automatic’ system of breathing stops working! Holding your breath is so common! But breathing...

Maintaining The Principals Of Ballroom Dancing

No matter what kind style, choreography, or music you dance to, basics of ballroom dancing should remain untouched... Mirko Gozzoli & Edita Daniute, International Standard...

The F… Word Of Ballroom Dance Sport

The F-Word Of Ballroom Dance Sport is not the F-Word people would normally hear and use in ballroom dancing ... or would they? William Pino,...