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Latin / Rhythm MakeUp Tutorial for Men

Probably one of the most requested tutorials out there. Please keep in mind that there are numerous ways of doing men's makeup for Latin...

Man Bun DanceSport Hairstyle like Slavik Kryklyvyy

Finally, The hair is long enough to pull this one off. This was probably the most desired and quite a tricky dance sport hairstyle tutorial...

Basic Competition MakeUp Tutorial For Men

Ladies, you can finally breathe out and send your partners directly to this site, as we finally came about on creating a video tutorial...

The “Slick” Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial

Bringing the "Slick" side of 50's with extra gel in this Men's Hairstyle Tutorial Since the previous tutorial for men's competitive hairstyle was accented on ,...

“The Great Gatsby” Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial

Going for "Class"! The Great Gatsby Men's Hairstyle Tutorial Men usually spent way less time on their hair than women, thinking that they "Got this"....