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Things Dance Instructors Say Vol.5

Things Dance Instructors Say Vol.5

And we have done it! Volume 5 of Things Dance Instructors Say. That only shows that a vocabulary of awesome dance teacher phrases is...

Things Dance Instructors Say Vol.4

With every volume of "Things Dance Instructors Say", there's a Student out there somewhere that giggles from a reminder their Dance Teacher made, which made it...

Things Dance Instructors Say Vol.3

Just imagine if your friends, who are not related to ballroom dancing, would hear "Things Dance Instructors Say", what would their reaction be? Probably...

Things Dance Instructors Say Vol. 2

Continuing on with Things Dance Instructors Say ... Vol.2 Being a dance instructor is a very unique profession. It involves a lot of versatility...

Things Dance Instructors Say Vol. 1

Dancing lessons - a unique and wonderful experience, that involves growth, knowledge, new perspectives, and, of course Things Dance Instructors Say... Dance instructors and coaches have...