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The Darker Side of DanceSport

It's funny how things always seems better inside of our own minds and daydreams, but what if I told you I was actually LIVING my...

10 Things You Should NEVER Do Before A Competition

There is always a lot of good advice on things that you should do to prepare for a competition. It is just as important to...

What Do Dancers Really Want? – Part II

Dancers are perfectionists! No wonder, spend so much time preparing for the performance! Of course, they would want things to be perfect! Indeed! Last time...

Dance Performance – Entrance To Exit

The performance starts right from the beginning of the competition. Every dancer has a personal step list to their competitive dance performance - Entrance...

12 Tips For Dancesport On A Budget

Whoever said best things in life are free, did not have the pleasure of being a DanceSport Competitor. While anyone with a partner can dance...