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The Look Inspired By Anna Melnikova

We have already met the DIVAS in a thread, where they covered the full look on Yulia Zagoruychenko. This time, they went for the current...

Comparison And Controversy – Nino & Anna vs. Justinas & Anna

Two couples - two fresh duets. An interesting comparison and a social media controversy against an opposing federation. Earlier, we have touched on the relatively...

Ballroom Dancer – The Movie

From a life of one dance duet, many ballroom dancers will relate to. Ballroom Dancer - is a documentary about a comeback of a...

Nino Langella & Anna Melnikova – Full Blast in Argentina

Duets split, find different partners, and get back to dancing. But, here is an interesting story behind Nino Langella & Anna Melnikova Going back a...