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How Ballroom Dancing Can Improve Your Relationship

Did you lose the spark with your other half? Has a daily routine made the two of you drift apart? Why continue like that?...

Tips On A Healthy Weight For Dancers

One of the great things about ballroom dance is that it supports good health, and promotes a healthy look and weight. From time to time,...

12 Tips For Dancesport On A Budget

Whoever said best things in life are free, did not have the pleasure of being a DanceSport Competitor. While anyone with a partner can dance...

Are Ballroom Dancers Different Than Everyone Else?

We have all experienced it! A wonderful realization, that a ballroom dance studio is a pretty extraordinary place, and everyone who dances automatically fall into this...

15 Ways to Maximize Your Endurance In Ballroom Dancing

You need to be at your absolute best during the final round. So why take chances? Endurance training alone is not enough. Fatigue can affect...

10 Essentials For Successful Ballroom Dance Partnership

A successful ballroom dance partnership can never be taken for granted.  It also takes more than just avoiding arguments. The risks and the power of...