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Fashion Trends Of This Year’s European Latin

In case someone asks me: If I could describe the current latin fashion trend in one word, what would it be? I would say: “Opposition”. This...

Kirill Belorukov – New Year, New Category, New Partner!

It is fascinating to observe the changes that happen in the competitive dance industry. And this recent news, indeed, shall bring some hype into...

10 Things Amateur DanceSport Women Think Before A Competition

Just, a few things Amateur DanceSport Women think before a Dance Competition Exclusively for Dance Comp Review

10 things Amateur DanceSport Men Think Before A Competition

All amateur male ballroom dancers would relate! Especially, before a major competition. Exclusively for Dance Comp Review

5 Reasons Why You Can Get Surprised With Competition Results

Every competitor hopes to do better in every competition. Regular competitors often get an idea of where they will likely place, especially when on...

6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Solo Practice

Solo practice is essential for anyone to develop their dancing, and to be a better partner. Depending on your situation, solo practice may also...

10 Tips for Beautiful Ballroom Pivots

Ballroom pivots are often a source of admiration and angst. The continuous partnered rotation, moving straight down line of dance looks absolutely amazing when...

A 3 Part Approach To Solving Problems With Any Dance Step

So, there is a step in a new choreography that you just can’t seem to get. Perhaps you have done things that are more...

14 Pain Preventing Exercises For Anyone Who Dances In Heels

A beautiful long leg line and a taller, slimmer look. These are some of the advantages claimed by wearing high heels... But, beauty comes at...

Is There Creativity In Your Dancing? 3 Essential Points For Competitors

Most people want creativity in their dancing. After all, dancing is art. True art must be inspirational and for that it must be creative....