Article Submission Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering to submitting you article. We cannot wait to publish it! But, before we do, let’s make sure that,

1. Your article is written by you and not copied from anywhere.
2. Dance Comp Review is the only place you submited your article for publishing. Once published, it cannot be copied and/or published at another forum/blog/magazine.
3. The rights of the submitted article belong to you, and we would love to mention that to our readers.
4. You may submit any media material, but only if:

– It is owned by you, and you can provide consent for usage.
– It is owned by a public domain and/or is open for embedding/re-posting.
– it is royalty free media material

5. Dance Comp Review owns the full right NOT to publish the article, if

– a similar article has already been published;
– an article contains irrelevant to ballroom dancing content

Liability Release

Dance Comp Review WILL NOT be liable, thus will not be prosecuted for, if

1. Submitted content, or media, offend a reader.
2. Submitted media content was, in fact, not owned by a submitting party.
3. Submitted media is NOT royalty free, but presented as is.