Rope-Twisted Pinwheel Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Do you have long hair and a bit more time? Rope-Twisted Pinwheel Bun Hairstyle would look so cool for your next Ballroom Dance Competition!

You are tired of swirl buns, even though they are so easy and quick to do these, and you want to freshen up your bun a little for your next competition, a Rope Twisted Pinwheel Bun would, totally, do the good! Unless, of course, you have a really short hair.
Keep in mind, it might take a little longer to learn, but you’re gonna ace it in no time. So…

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1. Slick your hair into a ponytail, like you always do and grab a bun maker! (Be sure to get one the same color as your hair)

2.Put the bun on and pull the hair thru.

3. It, actually, works better when your hair is slightly wet. Comb down to get it even.

4. Start on the side and separate the hair in two sides and pick out a piece of hair

5. Separate your picked hair into two pieces and twist them the same direction

6. Rope-Twist them together going the opposite direction. Go as far as 3-4 inches with that twist

7. Tuck your hair-rope-twist-goodness under the bun, pull it out from the top

8. Depending on the length of your hair, repeat the rope-twisting process > Tuck under > Pull from the top (Don’t forget to re-separate the hair!)

9. Repeat the process with the rest of your beautiful hair

10. When you’re finally at your last piece rope-twisted pice, as an option, you can wrap it around your bun and bobby-pin it

11. Maneuver the twists around to hind the bun maker

12. Use lots of hairspray, and more bobby pins if necessary, to hold that goodness in place…

… and, you’re DONE!

Here’s the full video for reference.
Enjoy & Happy Dancing!