Politics & Money of Competitive Dancing


Politics & Money behind high-end competitive ballroom dancing

You would agree, that Professional Competitive Ballroom Dancing is indeed spectacular. Yet, most of us – dancers, understand that with great accomplishments, come great sacrifices. Besides the “rivers” of sweat, blood and tears, there also are H-U-G-E Time and Financial commitments involved in achieving the ultimate Competitive Dance Sport Goal – to become The Champion.
On the surface, it all seems pretty straight forward, right? You train hard, take coaching, compete as much as you can and you will get the results you want!

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Well… Not quite.

Below, is a situation that takes a pretty ugly turn, as a well known competitive dance judge publicly discloses personal communication between two partnered dancers. But, it wouldn’t have been so dramatic if it wasn’t, of course, for … Politics & Money.

So, not to keep you waiting:


We can all easily judge each person’s deeds, but their actions can also get a bit of justification. Every person is for themselves: An ambitious lady-dancer, a rather generous man-dancer, and an unforgiving judge.

Anonymous Dancer