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Standard “Low Bun W/ Swirls” Hairstyle Tutorial

A Hairstyle trend we seem to notice with International Ballroom Lady dancers is "The Swirls". There are, of course, a lot varieties to that...

The “Slick” Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial

Bringing the "Slick" side of 50's with extra gel in this Men's Hairstyle Tutorial Since the previous tutorial for men's competitive hairstyle was accented on ,...

High Bun “Basket Braid” Hairstyle Tutorial

High Bun Basket Braid Hairstyle Tutorial Another great tutorial by Tatiana Sklemina that will give you bunch of ideas for your next International Standard/American...

“Elegance” – Hairstyle Tutorial

Add a bit more "Elegance" to your Ballroom through with your hairstyle! There is no such thing as enough "Elegance" in the Ballroom Section of...

“The Great Gatsby” Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial

Going for "Class"! The Great Gatsby Men's Hairstyle Tutorial Men usually spent way less time on their hair than women, thinking that they "Got this"....

“Hollywood” Style Lady’s Hair Tutorial

Bring a bit of "Hollywood" into your Hairstyle Bringing you another inspirational piece to play around with, before you enter a competitive dance floor. And...

The High Bun – Hairstyle Tutorial

There is nothing wrong with simplicity! More to add, it brings a great touch of finesse to the International Standard and American Smooth. Elegant,...

French Braid – Hairstyle Tutorial

Braids! How awesome is your hairstyle for ballroom dance competition? Everybody knows how to braid the hair. Well, at least we hope you know...

6 Ways to Style Short Hair for Ballroom Dancing

Many people think that having short hair limits your hairstyle options in ballroom dancing. Not a chance! When it is well cut and styled, short...

Middle Part DanceSport Hairstyle Tutorial

Middle Part DanceSport Hairstyle Tutorial Some male dancers spend a lot of time on styling their hair, some don't. It all really depend on each...