Man Bun DanceSport Hairstyle like Slavik Kryklyvyy

Finally, The hair is long enough to pull this one off. This was probably the most desired and quite a tricky dance sport hairstyle tutorial for men, not to mention that involved Slavik Kryklyyvyy and THE MAN BUN!


Y’all remember when Slavik used to dance with Anna, right? They were the featured couple in a documentary about Ballroom Dancing called “Ballroom Dancer” (touché) And if you watched it, you would most likely remember one of their performances where Slavik styled his her with a majestic man-bun. And, even though, the movie is a few years old, dancer sport men of today are rocking these man-buns. So, without any further ado, let’s break this down!

The INGREDIENTS are simple, yet with a few more additions:

– göt2b Glued by Schwazkopf Gel
– GARNIER Fructis Style EXTREME (6) Hairspray
– Comb
– Round Brush
– Bristle brush
– Elastic bands / Hair ties (Rubber bands, preferably covered with a strtchable material)
– Blowdryer

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