Lady & Speed – Lecture by Domenico & Gioia

To start, Domenico Soale and Gioia Cerasoli paired up in 1989, while they were competing in Amateur Junior division. And, they competed together until the retirement from their competitive careers in 2012. That’s 23 years of dancing together!
Knowing that dancing is not just a commitment to yourself, but it is a commitment to your partner. And, the relationship in competitive dancing, can easily be distinguished as one of the hardest relationships to maintain. If you would like to find out more about Domenico and Gioia’s partnership, an interviewed by DanceSportTotal could be found here.

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The WDSF Academy produces quite a neat series of lectured videos with federation’s top dancers. In this video lecture Domenico and Gioia touch on a few interesting subjects that can potentially reinforce your dance partnership.

1. Importance of The Lady (0:36)

2. Use of Speed (7:37)