Is It Love, or Just Love Of The Dance?


Ah, what better time to fall in love, then by whirling around the dance floor in the arms of a smiling partner?

Ballroom dancing has been the start of countless new relationships – and even more awkward misunderstandings. The key to falling into the first category and not the second is to look for the cues that indicate they enjoy you more than just a dance partner.

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First though, here’s a few things that are probably NOT signs they are interested:

  1. He/She smiles and flirts with you during the danceBallroom dancing allows us to express a more sexy, flirtatious side of ourselves – that doesn’t mean we are seriously interested in every person we dance with. Dance, have your fun, and move on.
  2. He/She hugs you after the danceThis is a common way of thanking a person for a dance, nothing more.
  3. He/She suggests you exchange numbersWhile this is a sign you are becoming more popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are interested in you. I’ve exchanged numbers at least a dozen times, and rarely for any reason other then building a posse of fellow dancers.
  4. He/She wants more then one dance in a row, or keeps coming back throughout the nightUnless they are clearly not asking due to your, ahem, impressive dance skills, this usually just means they like dancing with you. Or they might be new to the scene, and clinging to dancers they know are ‘safe’.

Now that we’ve made sure you won’t embarrass yourself (at least, not by proclaiming your love to the wrong person), let’s look at some more positive signs they might be interested in you romantically:

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Cue One: Do they play ‘the stare game’ with you?

The ‘the stare game’, I’m referring to when you frequently watch each other, only to look away when the other person looks towards you. By itself, this likely means they find you attractive, though it may not go beyond that. Should you score a dance with this person, see if you can keep the interaction going off the dance floor, which leads us to…

Cue Two: Do they chat with you sometimes in between dances?

Again, it doesn’t mean they’re mooning over you yet, but it’s a good sign if they are willing to give up dance opportunities to get to know you better. You can use this opportunity to invite them to something outside the dance hall. For example…

Cue Three: Are they interested in an after-dance bite to eat?

You definitely have their attention at this point, but is it as a friend, or something more? Often group will head out after the last dance to replenish calories – joining one of these groups with your partner is a good way to keep the interaction casual. That said, the most important cue to look for is…

Cue Four: Do they flirt with you off the dance floor?

This is the game changer. Once you’ve got them showing romantic interest in you off the floor – or better yet, in a non-dancing venue – they are almost certainly ready to take things to the next level. Weaker signals of interest include sitting nearby, holding eye contact, leaning in towards you, and mirroring your body posture. Stronger ones include sharing personal details about themselves (and asking them of you), frequently touching you while talking, and suggestive comments or body language (ex. winking). If you make it to this stage, it might be time to arrange a get-together and tell them how you feel. Good luck to you!

Author: Ian Crewe []
Photography: Ryan Kenner Photography /
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