International VS American Style Ballroom Dance Dresses


Have you ever thought why International Style Dresses differ from American Style once?

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you frequently attend ballroom dance competitions, you will see a significant difference between International Style and American Style dresses. A dancer-blogger, with a feisty name BallroomBitch gives detailed explanation on [highlight]how ballroom dance dresses differ on the floors of dance sport competitions.[/highlight]

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The most noticeable differences between the two styles and their respective dress designs are between the dress styles of International Standard and American Smooth.

The differences between American and International styles, International Standard is danced using closed figures exclusively, while American Smooth includes both closed and open figures (i.e. any figure not danced in frame) which is the primary reason for the differences in dress styles.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference between International Standard dresses and American Smooth dresses are floats, or the lack thereof. For those of you who don’t know, floats are bits of fabric (or feathers, beading, etc.) that hang from the sleeves of an International Standard dress like wings. Because International Standard is danced using only closed positions, floats create a bit of movement otherwise missing in the upper portion of the body; they’re great for adding softness and making the upper potion of the body a bit more interesting. However, floats aren’t so great for American Smooth dancers, due to the open patterns included in American Smooth…[CONTINUE READING]

Based on our observation, International Latin and American Rhythm do not have a significant differences in the dress style.
[highlight]Or Do They?[/highlight]

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