How To Prep Your Face A Day Before Dance Competition (For Men)

Sometimes, we learn the hard way. (Or, maybe it’s most of the time?). You, most likely, have experienced a “Hurting-Screaming” skin sensation when you shave right before applying makeup/tanner. How about chaotically hanging and pointing out temple-above ear hair, if you haven’t had a chance to visit your barber? Oh, yes! All of these we know and, from time to time, experience all over again. (Since we’re so busy and love to do things last minute)

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But, a lot of times we don’t seem to care, due to the fact that we, simply, don’t know how to fully prep ourselves for a dance competition. The little details matter! So, we have decided to give you the “Prep Your Face A Day Before Dance Competition (For Men)” as a starting guide:

Want To Skip A Stage? Here are the timings:

0:15 – SHAVE
3:30 – TRIM
4:47 – CLEAN UP