How To Measure Yourself For a Ballroom Dress DanceSport

I bet you know the feeling when you must wear a gown that was already made and had to be altered to match your curves. Yet, it is almost impossible to describe the feeling of joy when a ballroom dress, which was custom made for you, fits like glove. Oh, heavens, it feels so good!

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Assuming you have already read the 5 Tips on Buying a Ballroom Dance Costume Online and have decided to go with one of the options listed in that write up. It is quite obvious that the first step to achieving a perfectly fitting dress – is a perfectly taken measurement. Of course it is better when the measurements are taken by a professional vendor or a dress designer. But since we’re going with the online option, these options are not always around. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into it:

STEP 1 – Get a Measuring Buddy!

It could be your dance partner, your BFF, your parent, or even your significant other, but please try not to do this on your own. If you send a crooked measurement (thinking that you’ve done everything right), you will most definitely-for-sure-absolutely get a crooked dress.

STEP 2 – Follow The List

Even though different designers use different charts, if you look closer, they are very similar. Not sure about you, but I am a visual person and would like to follow an instructional step-by-step video tutorial that would tell me what has to be done. I found a the closest to my liking was done by Doré Designs. Even though you might be going with a different designer or an online option, their video precisely explains how ballroom dress measurement should be taken.

Follow the video and may the “Measuring Goddess” be on your side!

Author: DanceSport Fashionista
Photography: DanceSport
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