How Ballroom Dancing Can Improve Your Relationship


Did you lose the spark with your other half? Has a daily routine made the two of you drift apart? Why continue like that? Ballroom Dancing can do wonders for your relationship!

Ballroom dancing is an activity for couples, and can connect couples in a way that very few other things can. Here is how it can help you and your partner improve your relationship.

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1. Work Things Out On The Dance Floor

  • When you dance, you connect.  When you dance, you also communicate.
  • If things feel stale or tense between you and your partner, the connection you get from dancing will help you feel like a couple again.
  • The physical communication of dancing can also be a springboard to better verbal communication.

Best dances for this: Rumba and Waltz

2. Be Who You Really Are

  • Dancing brings out an expression of sides of your personality that you may not show every day.
  • Passion, playfulness, sexiness, chivalry … Everything will come out on a dance floor.
  • This expression is a great way for partners to remind each other of all the wonderful personality traits each one of you has.

Best dances for this: Tango and Cha Cha.

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3. Get Physical

  • Get your heart rate up. Get the endorphins up. Feel stronger and more alive. Feel fitter and get fitter!
  • All of this will make you feel better about yourself and everyone around you.
  • If your partner had a long day and is not in the mood, your positivity will rub off on him or her, and will make both of you feel better.
  • When you both feel good together, what could possibly be better?

Best dances for this: Quickstep and Swing.

4. Feel Challenged

  • When you and your partner first got together, there was the challenge of the chase. Then there was the challenge of building a life as a couple. There were also probably many challenges in-between.
  • Challenge may seem stressful at times, but it is so exciting.
  • When you and your partner face and conquer a challenge together, it makes your bond stronger. What could be a better challenge than learning a new dance or working to increase your dance skills.

Best dances for This: Foxtrot and Jive

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5. Dating Again

  • Remember what it felt like to be on a date?
  • Going out dancing with your partner is a wonderful way to get that feeling back.
  • When you go out dancing, you can show off “your couple” by dressing up or showing great moves, but really, it is all about the time you spend together, and the pleasure that is shared between the two of you.

Best dance for this: Any and every type of ballroom dance!

Author: Miss P
Photography: DanceSport
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