First Dance Practice At A New Location

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If you ever had a chance to practice at a new studio or at any particular place of dance which was not known to you, you would probably remember a tiny-little feeling (or maybe a HUGE one) of tingling nerve-wrecking butterflies in the stomach. The anxiety that you “might not be liked”, or you “won’t be able to speak to anybody, since you don’t know anyone…”, or the “what if people are gonna make comments about my dancing”… or… or…

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Just so you know, I am actually writing this for myself as a reminder before my next visit to an unknown dance-studio-practice-location-place, since, usually, I am the one who is freaking out before I walk in to the facility. DanceSport DanceSport

Distraction, the moment I’m there

New place, new people, new vibe… Just when I though I was here to practice, I’m gonna get distracted! The moment I’m on that floor warming up and I get a hint of feeling that other people are looking at me with admiration, I will most likely start showing off. You know – Busting through moves; wrecking my body, since my muscles are still cold. Yet, it can also go the other way if other dancers, who are “regulars” at this location, would feel superior to my dance presence. An increased performance, a dirty look for being in the way and an occasional bump (or getting in personal space) will indicate their “territorial” possession. Whether I intimidate or get intimidated, I just lost my focus and, subsequently, my main purpose for being here. DanceSport DanceSport

So, why am I even here?

That exact question should bring me “back to earth”. Besides the fact that it would be good to meet new people, check out the place, show off or get intimidated by others, the main reason I am here is – PRACTICE! Solely me, a Dancer, who is getting better at dancing with every minute I spend on the floor, regardless if my partner is with me or not. The feeling of my body movement should bring me back to me, and this is where I need to stay. DanceSport DanceSport

To Love and Accept Myself is so much Faster, than trying to Prove Someone Wrong

If you think about it, it is so much easier to accept something about yourself, than trying to alter your self-being to someone else’s liking. The best part about self-acceptance is – once you’ve done it, things just don’t seem to be that dramatic anymore. I am aware that I might be less skilled than other practicing dancers. I am also aware that I might be less physically appealing than other dancers. And that’s okay! We are all different people and out of everyone around me, the closest person to me that I would like to ‘Like’ me for me, is – Me. DanceSport DanceSport

I always have a Choice

I don’t really have to go to that new place to practice. I can definitely spare myself some nerves and just stay in my comfort zone. But, honestly, this whole experience could have an amazing outcome, if I choose to go into this with an open heart. My primary focus is – Practice and Self-Developement. And, I shall make sure to tackle it with my self-acceptance and immense feeling of positivity. And, as for the rest, since it’s not in my control, it does not matter.

Author: Egor Shalvarov
Photography: DanceSport
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review