Emanuel Valeri & Tania Kehlet – Dreams Do Come True

Elena Anashina

It could easily be said that Emanuel Valeri & Tania Kehlet are the ‘sweethearts’ of competitive dancersport. Almost 15 years of successful dance partnership, which had started in 2002 dancing in Youth and lasted until their recent retirement as Professionals.

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This is their message:

Today is a very big day for us. Winning the world professional championship in our very own home country in front of all the people we love so deeply is something we could only have dreamt of when we started out dancing many years ago. It all started out with a dream… A dream that with time became our only motivation of life!… And tonight we proved it once again… “dreams really do come true!!!”

We want to see tonight as a happy time… We are happy with what we have achieved both in results and as competitive dancers… We are happy and proud about the way we have managed to do everything keeping our morals and beliefs at the highest level all the way through… We are happy to stand here today not alone, but looking around us seeing all the beautiful people, students and friends that we have managed to bring along with us all the way to this day… We are happy to announce that: Today has been our last competition!!! …

We shall not retire from dancing!!! … We will keep on doing shows and keep on developing this beautiful art-form in every aspect possible for us… Dancing means living for us and as long as we will keep breathing we will not stop living and dancing… Dancing is what we are and what we will always be…

We are addicted to it!

Elena Anashina
Elena Anashina

Standing here being crowned as heroes today makes us feel deeply thankful and humble!!! There are so many people we would like to thank. Starting with all our sponsors. DanceCos, Lella, NY, Alfa Fashion, International Danceshoes and Chrisanne Clover. Thank you for your support. Thank you to all the members of the Danish Sportsdance federation, Team Denmark and Line Hovgaard. Our success is your success too!

Henrik Larsen, who has followed us right from our first try out. Thank you for never loosing belief in us even when we had ourselves!!!

Thank you to our dear friends, fans and students. We feel so blessed to have the best friends anyone could wish for. Friends that have followed us all around the globe just to be near us and support us. Students that has inspired us every day to become better teachers and therefor keep going deeper in understanding the magic of dance. We love you all and together we will grow and keep improving…

 Thank you to our dear parents and family.

Without your love and support nothing would have been possible. Thank you for not only giving us the roots to become what we´ve become, but thank you also for being there till the end, sharing good and bad moments with us, leaving us knowing that we were never alone. We love you!

Thank you to our teacher and mentor, Hans Laxholm. No words can describe how thankful we are to what you have given us. Not only have you taught us to dance. You have taught us to live and to maintain a pure heart in everything we do… One day we hope that someone else will feel about us the way we feel about you. Thank you!

Our biggest thank you goes to the people that made it all start and followed it all the way through. Teachers… Then friends… Then family… William and Alessandra…

What to say… We always knew that you were there for us and we also know that it wasn’t always easy. You know us better than we know ourselves and you have seen the best and the worst of us and somehow you are still here and you still love us!… Thank you seems such a poor word, but it is the only one we know. From the bottom of our heart THANK YOU for everything…

Elena Anashina
Elena Anashina

Ladies and gentlemen.

Our last thank you goes to you!!!! We are happy to have shared this moment and many others in the past with you. You have to know that our biggest inspiration and motivation was always YOU!!!

We want to leave you with a feeling of thankfulness and love…

As a very last thing it is important for us to leave a message to all the young dancers out there today!

Wherever you are, wherever you dance and whoever you are… You are in a changing world and it is easy to get misled or carried away focusing on things which lay outside of the actual dancing… Don’t fall in the trap!… Your dance life is hopefully long and having your own art and style will help you to go through life with less regrets and more success… Believe in creating good ART! Believe in good dancing, believe in good people, believe in good teachers, believe that by keeping your head down focusing on your job and working hard, you CAN succeed… Even when sometimes it seems impossible trust and believe in your heart that  DREAMS DO COME TRUE…

Love to all of you…

Emanuel and Tania

Dance Comp Review Thanks You for the wonderful dance you’ve gifted us throughout these years, and wishes you the best of luck in the new chapters of your lives.

Photography: Elena Anashina
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