DCR’s VIDEO QUEST – Behind The Scenes

Dance Comp Review

If you haven’t seen Dance Comp Review’s full 7 Video Series QUEST yet, I would strongly suggest getting started with that first! The full story of the creation of this series and the Quest itself could be found HERE

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Perhaps you’ve watched Jackie Chan’s fighting movies, and you might remember that at the end, during the credits, they would show fragments of takes that did not make the final cut. Personally, these are my favourite parts, as they show the actual process of how it was all made. Adjusting this idea to our “Series” situation, here are the most memorable moments of Dance Comp Review’s VIDEO QUEST that were put together in a short video.

I would like to personally Thank All Participants and Cast who were involved with this series and Big Props and Huge Thanks to Karina Smirnoff for devoting a lot of her personal time and energy into this – You’re a true artist, an amazing actress and Inspiration!

This was Fun! I hope to do it again!

Author: Egor Shalvarov
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review