Dancing VS Banking

So, my boss knows that dancing is my life off work and during a small talk at the office the other day he asked me how it influenced my day job. I gave him this long explanation on how banking and dancing correlate… but then it hit me! I thought that it’d be cool to put together my correlating experience of banking and dancing, hoping it could be useful and fun for others.

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1. Style and Dress Code

Ballroom dancers are very stylish! Ladies in gorgeous gowns with ostrich feathers and dazzling rhinestones, gentlemen in sharp tailcoats and shiny shoes. Everyone tries to look their best and show themselves off. The business-banking situation is quite similar. We have an office dress code as, of course, we try to impress colleagues and clients with our looks, but, obviously, no stones. So I decided to join the two and now have an evening dress with ostrich feathers for business, and a ballroom dress with a tie and cufflinks.

2. Analysis

Dancing is not only about emotions but also closely associates with science and mathematics (at least for me). We think about timing, lines, directions, positions etc. Moreover, we have the ability to analyze what we do. The precision of coaching methods, depth of our progress and if our dancing is competitive enough compared to other couples. Just like in business, there is no exact formula for success that will suit everyone, but general principals and rules definitely exist. Analysis is the key element in business and in banking – analysis is everything!

3. Partnership

This, probably, is the most important element in both. The principal “only business and nothing personal” does not work (even though some of you might think that this is exactly how it works in banking). An individual approach makes a huge difference! We are not robots and our emotional vulnerabilities actually make us attractive. If you think of your dance partner as a stepping stone to a higher position, your partnership will most likely end in quarrels and irritations. But if you are caring, interested and giving – bingo! You both will gain from it!

The story with banking is exactly the same. We do a bit more than what our business partners expect from us. We offer not only good service, we add personal touch to make every client feel special and important. We know when our customers’ birthdays are, where they spent their vacations, and etc.. and in the end, in case they need to make a choice, they will most likely choose us over our competitors.

4. Quantity & Quality

I’m sure everyone knows of the philosophical law that quantity will transfer into quality. It is not always the case, but if the quantity is used with proper directions, it shall transition into quality. The way it works in dancing – the more you repeat the difficult element, the more chances you have for it to finally look good on the floor. In the office life, quantity of deals, customers, and interesting projects will also result into quality – the quality of your performance, leads and a few extra benefits at the end of the year.

5. Being Well-Organized

To tell the truth, not all dancers are well-organized and have inner discipline. When being creative and emotional it could be rather hard to make yourself obey some boring rules. But it’s necessary to be punctual, have goals, plans and structure your activities in order to hit your dance targets. In business – you do the same! Goals, plans, TARGETS!

6. Persistence

I think the hardest part is not to quit when you’re down. It could be your results, your personal feelings towards your dancing, or not so flattering comments from your coach, or maybe even some partner issues. In business life we also have bad days! (duh!) Deals don’t seem get closed, irritated customers, arguing colleagues… But, you know, the sense of purpose usually helps to find inner strength to keep going and never mind difficulties. You just need to remind yourself how much you love dancing and your job and how many wonderful people you encounter with. Most of all you, you do this for yourself!

I wish everyone to find their favorite job and a lovely hobby, to make your life bright and full of colors! But since you’re here reading this, I bet your job or hobby have already been found.

Author: Anna Pechenova
Editor: Egor Shalvarov
Cover Photography: Elena Anashina
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review