Dance Performance – Entrance To Exit

The performance starts right from the beginning of the competition. Every dancer has a personal step list to their competitive dance performance – Entrance to Exit.

Here a few steps to consider when coming out for you competition:

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Assuming that you have done all the [necessary dance practising], [prepped your costume], [hair] and [makeup]. If you are still struggling with any of these points and need to go over them again, be sure to click on and check them out.

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The First Connection. Entering the floor, like the routines you dance, connection and entrance should be practiced before the actual competition. Upon entering, leaders, usually being on the left side, carry followers’ hand from underneath. Followers, staying on the right, have their left hand on top of leaders’ right hand. Shall we mention who is going to chose the “dance spot”?
Compliment Each Other. As you are walking in the perfectly connected unison, do not forget to pay a few warming compliments towards each other by looking and admiring each others looks. Both of you have done very well preparing for this competition! It is time to enjoy each other’s work.
Confidence! Judges are looking at confident couples. There is no need to be narcissistic or overly confident, but you, also, don’t want to have the desire to blend in somewhere in the crowd thinking that you are dancing against the couples who had “beaten you at previous competitions”. This is a new event, and you will do your best. Results, however, are not up to you.

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Look At Each Other. Wondering around the dance floor, checking your shoes for “caught up rhinestones”, checking other couples, their costumes and presentation … you don’t need all of these distractions! You have your partner, and together you are about to do something magical. Concentrate!
Listen To The Music. Musicality is the most essential part of your dance. There wouldn’t be much of your dance if it wasn’t for music, right? Sometimes, the music might be tricky on start. You can move the initial position slightly (drag the line, reshape, all of this, of course, depending on your routine), until you feel you are ready to start.
Respect other couples, but stand your ground. Other couples are in the same position as you are and everybody wants to make it to the final. However, there is no need to injure you fellow competitors because you must do that high developé.
Accidents. Yes they happen! And every one of them usually comes unexpectedly. If you have a chance to avoid it, do so at any cost. But, if it happened, judge if it’s serious and you need to walk off, or reconnect to the first memorable part of your routine and continue. And, please! Do not think about it!

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Between the dances and the final dance bow. Leaders, be sure to make it very clear how would you like to finish your dance off. An underarm turn, a spin off, etc. Of course, all “between the dance” bows are practiced before hand, but sometimes things could be forgotten by either partners. In these situations, it is better to have the leader decide how and where to bow.
PS. Couples presentation bows are, sometimes, different than between the dances bows. Research and decided what would look good for both of you, if you decided to go with a different bow.

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Finishing Up. Just like the entrance, the exit should be done with full partnered unison and confidence.
Final Bow. It is a personal choice of a couple to stick around on the floor for more bows and crowd appreciations, but, generally, it is good to clear the floor as soon as possible for the next heat.
Stay Together. Be sure not to separate half way or leave each other out on the floor. You came out as a couple, it is good to come off like one as well.
Leader usually stay to the left and either hold the follower by the hand or have them in “arm-in-arm” position.

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Don not stress out! You cannot control the outcome of the results. What’s done is done.
It is just a placement. If you have been placed higher or lower than the couple you have been competing against, that doesn’t mean anything yet. However, if the results have been consistent from competition to competition, then you could start worrying (or not worrying) about it.
Do not go for your bow until you fully hear your NUMBER and your NAMES. Mistakes happen, couples might be miss-placed or miss-called.
Be proud of your placement. Regardless of what you think the result should have been.

After all, we are in this for the DANCE!

Good luck!

Author: Egor Shalvarov
Photography: DanceSport
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review