Competitive Bun Swirls Hairstyle Tutorial

Ballroom Dancing is like an over-exaggeration of life. Evening gowns would look too simple on the competitive floor, thus, throughout the years and in addition to multi fabric usage, rhinestones were creates. Light, everyday MakeUp just won’t outline the beautiful facial features, so ladies would apply more, and create a higher-contrasted, “competitive” MakeUp. And, of course, hairstyles are no different. If the hair is put in a bun, it is “slicked” into it. And, if the bun is made, it is extraordinary.

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Since a lot of Ballroom Dance Hairstyle inspirations are coming from the Fashion industry, we would like to present you with the “Jumpstart” video to the swirls. It might come across a bit complex, but it will definitely help you to get creative with your Ballroom Hair.