Competitive Ballroom Swirls

Clean slick back into a bun is good, but swirls are so much better!

Besides, when you lift them up a little at the front, they make you a look taller, which is, of course, important in standard. Rachel Macintosh, whom we have met before in our previous posts on competitive ballroom makeup and hairstyles, does a pretty good job demonstrating and explaining what and how she does her swirls (Even though the video is in “Portrait”, lol).

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  1. Slick the hair back with the ceramic hair brush.(Not forgetting to leave a little bit of hair at the front for the swirls.)
  2. Ponytail it!
  3. Bun it!
  4. Swirls: Separate the front hair > Twist > Elevate > Place to Your Liking > Pin
  5. Have fun creating awesome swirl web on your head
  6. Finish up with LOOOTS of Hairspray!

Good Luck at your Competition!