Black As a Dominant Color For Latin Male Dancers

Lately, we have been noticing a dominance of the color of [BLACK] on Latin Male Dancers at Ballroom Dance Competitions. Here are a few points why and how that could be a “+” or “-” in your dancing.

So, we can only base this opinion on a few Ballroom Dance competitions, but … Lately, Latin Male Dancers, 95% of the time are wearing black!!! Why? Well, we thought of a few reasons and a few ideas that you might find useful:

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Black is simpler to deal with, than other colors

Sometimes color co-ordination could be problematic. Some people wear different colours differently, but black is one universal color dancers are able to wear. Not forgetting that there are so many shades of black, of course. Slightly greyish, or deep black on velvet or even mesh. So, the variety of black is there, it is just the matter of finding what’s right for you.


It is not distracting the view … from the woman!

It is a known fact that when you look at a dancing couple on a competing floor, the woman is the first one that catches attention. Based on quite a number of judge’s opinions, this is how it’s suppose to be. The man is wearing a more darker shades of colors because the main attention should be on a woman! She is the one that is wearing an amazing gown/dress. We, also, cannot forget the fact that, since man’s dance could be way more overpowering than woman’s, darker colours on a man will balance the couple all together.


Pitch black might kill the power

“Monotone” your black, and you will blend with the background. Observing from the spectator stand point, if there is only one shade of black, and the spectator area is also not very lid, the man will blend with the background. Unless, of course, as we mentioned earlier, there are different shades of black being used in a costume. Be aware which black will give a shine, and which will absorb light.



Sometimes men refuse to have stones on their costumes, and we think that this is a BIG MISTAKE! Rhinestones create volume and accentuates movement. Lack of stones can show incompletion and overly stoned shirts create too much weight. Keeping in mind, everything is in balance!



There is absolutely nothing wrong with adding more colors to the scene of man’s costume. Many chose black and white as a primary stage of costume variety, and that usually works great! Gentlemen also, sometimes, match their shirts with lady’s dress. And that works too! A more complex situation is when a man chooses to wear an extraordinary colored costume for both the shirt and trousers – light grey, white, yellow, red, etc. Now that is tricky! Not only the costume needs to be color matched to lady partner, it absolutely has to match the dance and personality of the man.
BUT! Be careful with the design! Sometimes playing too much with colors and designs can disproportionate body parts.

See you soon!

Author: DanceSport Fashionista
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review