To Beard or Not To Beard?!

Stephen Marino Photography

I think you would agree with me that the “beard” trend has really been booming for the last, what, 2 years? Yeah. And by the looks of it, it is taking over the Dance Sport world as well. So, I though it’d be cool to look at some dance dudes of the current dance sport finals who bring their their fascial hair to the competitive floor and proud are wearing it proudly!

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I’d assume that all trendies usually start from the popular people, since they kinda can do whatever they want with their style, we’re starting with Pro Latin’s Maurizio Vescovo. What can I say? Sophisticated, sharp, yet elegant.

Let's start 😜#asiantour#taipei #stefanodifilippodariachesnokova #333 #love #competition

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So it is the Italians who are bringing the flavour! In 2014 Stefano DiFilippo he was cleanly shaven, today his scruff is clean on the floor, and nice and “beardy” off.

Evgeny Smagin doesn’t seem like the hairy type, but he sure got his stubbly “anchor” all sorted out and working for him on the dance floor. Nice!

Who said ginger beards are not sexy? Just stop what you’re doing and admire the “hot” bearded look of Neil Jones.


I don’t really see Standard dancers having any fascial hair for their finals, but off the floor their are going nuts with their beards! Just look at Lukasz Tomczak practicing a soft waltz with “wolverine” looking beard.

Generally Pro American Smooth is going beardless, except for Travis Tuft who styles his Long Stubble reaaaalllly well! (not to mentioned it goes well with his smooth image)

Ryan Kenner Photography
Ryan Kenner Photography

Pro American Rhythm is also shaved clean, and refusing to strike a moustache on the competitive floor. Shame… (sigh)

Speaking of moustache! Even though I no longer see him competing professionally, but an American Smooth pro Sean Patrick Brunell sure got his life figured out with this awesomely looking Imperial beard!

And to support my hypothesis:

Charles Ryder Photography
Charles Ryder Photography

How about you, dancers? Do you like the look of fascial hair on the competitive floor, or hate it passionately? Comments section awaits you.

Author: DanceSport Fashionista
Photography: DanceSport
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