BALLROOM DANCE COUPLE – The “Ringtone” Story


In this episode of Ballroom Dance Couple it was decided to tackle the infamous “Ringtone” situation, that every dancer must have encountered at least once in their dance career (hopefully_.

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Let’s JIVE this one…

The acting and line execution was probably the easiest part. It was the Jive on 3.5 inch heels of the Argentine Tango shoes that was THE MOST challenging part. It’s funny that a scene that literally was 10 seconds out of the whole skit, took the longest time to prepare, shoot and edit. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the episode:

Every Episode Teaches Me Something

Needless to say, FiFi is changing my life. She makes me do things I never even though I’d be doing. But the biggest breakthrough, actually, came in at the very end of the shoot. I specifically wanted to leave the “dancing” part until the very end. In case if I collapse, I won’t need to get all done up again to finish the episode the next day. Now I know, that that was a good idea.

10 second choreography had to be shot several times (because, there’s no such thing as “nailing it” the first time). Camera angles, extra moves for “just in case”, etc… But, the most annoying were the heels! THE HEELS! More effort had to be made to stay on the balls of the feet, point the toes, straighten up the knees to make it look… well.. at least half decent. All of that pushed me to realized how stupid, unconsidered and, sometimes, condescending I was towards my partner. I’d lippy and pissy if she fell out of balance, without even realizing that most of it was my fault!

Boy, was I egoistic…

Now, I’m in her shoes. And it’s time for me to get a taste of my own medicine. Every episode challenges me and, definitely, makes me a better person! Here is a little behind the scenes of how it all went down.

…And, ladies! Whenever you put these heels on, just know that there’s one man out there who feels for you!

Author: Egor Shalvarov
Photography: Dance Comp Review
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review