Awesome Ballroom Dance Archives

Sometimes looking back we smile on how silly we looked. But, looking at the Archives on your Ballroom Dance Idols is no joke! It’s fascination!

Ron Montez teaching Donnie Burns how to West Coast Swing?

The original concept of the over-spin w/ Bill Irvine

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Bill Irvine’s “Cup Of Coffee” Trick

Young Donnie and Gaynor talk about the specificity of timing and how European vs. American Schools differ from each other.

Allan Tornsberg & Yukka Haapalainen have fun with basics and rhythms at Blackpool’s Congress

Sam Sodano showing off Mambo and West Coast Swing at Blackpool’s Congress

Rufus Dustin & Marianne Nicole dancing Rumba (And that is American Rumba in late 70s)

Brian & Kristi McDonald – Foxtrot (1982) w/ the first glances of American Smooth

Espen Salberg’s Rumba Lecture

When Franco Formica showed Sergey Surkov that he shouldn’t have blocked him.

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