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6 Points For Great Social Dance Experience

Some dancers only dance socially. Many competitive dancers dance socially as well. Even competitive dancers who rarely dance socially, may dance with different partners...

Things Dance Instructors Say Vol. 2

Continuing on with Things Dance Instructors Say ... Vol.2 Being a dance instructor is a very unique profession. It involves a lot of versatility...

4 Points On How One Dance Practice Makes A Difference

Can one dance practice make a difference? Yes! While it is very true that repetition over time is essential to perfecting anything, the quality of...

May I Have This Dance, Please? – With Pierre Dulaine

In the modern times, we have become experts at isolating ourselves. What do we do?... Ballroom Dance! Pierre Dulaine, four time world champion in exhibition...

How Ballroom Dancing Can Improve Your Relationship

Did you lose the spark with your other half? Has a daily routine made the two of you drift apart? Why continue like that?...

Tips On A Healthy Weight For Dancers

One of the great things about ballroom dance is that it supports good health, and promotes a healthy look and weight. From time to time,...

DOs And DONTs Of A Great Ballroom Tan

A great tan looks great on the floor. Bodies look more toned, and the feel of the International Latin or American Rhythm costume feels...

Pro-Am DanceSport All Over The World

Who Is Up For A Pro-Am DanceSport All Over The World? For several years, many people thought of Pro-Am dancesport as part of North...

12 Tips For Dancesport On A Budget

Whoever said best things in life are free, did not have the pleasure of being a DanceSport Competitor. While anyone with a partner can dance...

3 Types of Dancer’s Blues And How To Get Out of...

So… You usually feel great about your dancing, but now you are devastated. Not sure why. You love dancing, and others think you are pretty...