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Things Dance Instructors Say Vol. 1

Dancing lessons - a unique and wonderful experience, that involves growth, knowledge, new perspectives, and, of course Things Dance Instructors Say... Dance instructors and coaches have...

5 Points for a Perfect Développé

The développé is one of the most common and, probably the most beautiful moves done on a dance floor today. Even though it looks relatively...

6 Ways to Style Short Hair for Ballroom Dancing

Many people think that having short hair limits your hairstyle options in ballroom dancing. Not a chance! When it is well cut and styled, short...

How To Sell Your Used Ballroom Dance Costume

A few tips on Selling Your Used Ballroom Dance Costume Ballroom Dancers go through quite a number of ballroom dance costumes. There is probably a...

Are Ballroom Dancers Different Than Everyone Else?

We have all experienced it! A wonderful realization, that a ballroom dance studio is a pretty extraordinary place, and everyone who dances automatically fall into this...

15 Ways to Maximize Your Endurance In Ballroom Dancing

You need to be at your absolute best during the final round. So why take chances? Endurance training alone is not enough. Fatigue can affect...

10 Essentials For Successful Ballroom Dance Partnership

A successful ballroom dance partnership can never be taken for granted.  It also takes more than just avoiding arguments. The risks and the power of...

5 Tips On Choosing Your Ballroom Dance Costume

Choosing your new ballroom dance costume should be exciting and inspiring. That’s the way it should be. There is a lot to think about when...

10 Things To Know About Ballroom Dance Competition MakeUp

Is your Face ready for your next Ballroom Dance Competition? Here are a few essential tips on MakeUp that will save. 1. Prepare your face...

10 Things You Need To Know About Ballroom Dance Hairstyle

Great Ballroom Dance Hairstyle is the key to Great Ballroom Dance Performance! That moment you get so frustrated, when you are ready to dance at...