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On Private Videotaping At Comps

Recently on social media there has been a lot of discussion in pro/am groups about private videotaping. A lot of frustration is being expressed...

Accountability & Transparency in Pro-Am Competitions

Competing at any Pro-Am competition is expensive. Period. For many competitors, the cost of one competition, especially if it is not local and requires...

Pro-Am Dancing Down – Truth AND Damage

I love DanceSport. That is why I am so deeply troubled by the things that may slowly kill it. Just to be clear, I...

6 Harsh Truths On Competitive Dancing

There are, of course, numerous reasons why dancers attend ballroom dance competitions. But, I’d like to touch base on a few harsh truths I...

Politics & Money of Competitive Dancing

Politics & Money behind high-end competitive ballroom dancing You would agree, that Professional Competitive Ballroom Dancing is indeed spectacular. Yet, most of us - dancers, understand...