Are You Born to Ballroom Dance?


Even if you’ve never stepped on a ballroom floor in your life, there may be signs that ballroom dancing is what you’re just meant to do. Or, if you are a dissatisfied ballroom dancer, you might want to check the criteria below and make sure ballroom dancing is the best fit for you.

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Either way, these are the key indicators that virtually everyone who tries and sticks with ballroom dancing possess.

Indicator 1: You like getting to know other people. DanceSport DanceSport

Some people can’t help being social butterflies: They are the life of the party, they draw energy from positive social interaction, and just love the feeling that comes from being part of a community. Others are more on the shy side, but still want to meet like-minded people, and maybe find that special someone. If this is you, great! Ballroom dancing is all about interaction with your partner, your teacher, and usually the studio community.

Indicator 2: You enjoy working as a team.

DanceSport Photography
DanceSport Photography

Speaking of interaction with your partner, it helps a LOT if you’re used to working with others with patience and empathy. Ask yourself if you’re the sort of person who tries to see things from other people’s point of view, and if you are willing to work on your end of things without trying to fix them as well. Partners who can do this are partners for the long-haul.

Indicator 3: You get bored easily with a single style of music or movement. DanceSport DanceSport

This is not to suggest that other dances have no variation – there are multiple styles of ballet for instance, and whole schools are built around different types of holds in Argentine tango. Yet a ballet is still recognizably a ballet, as is a tango. Ballroom dance encompasses ten or more different styles, each completely distinct from the other. Still want more variety? There’s both American and International variations of each! Odds are, at least a few will suit your interest.

Indicator 4: You want to use what you’ve learned – right now! DanceSport DanceSport

Okay, if you’re planning on becoming world champion and nothing else, this indicator might not apply to you. For the rest of us, ballroom and other partner dancing can be used as soon as you’ve learned the first few moves – just head over to the local dance hall or studio party. Seeing your gradual improvement ‘in the field’, is what motivates many to keep going.

Indicator 5: You like to dress classy!

DanceSport Photography
DanceSport Photography

Ballroom dancing is often a classy affair, from the ‘business casual’ you see at a dance hall, to the glittering dresses and coattails of the competitive arena. Looking to capture your inner Cinderella or Prince Charming? At the very least, it’s an excuse to look the part.

So if you’re new to the dance scene, spend some time thinking about what you like about dancing. Who knows? You just might be born to ballroom dance.

Author: Ian Crewe – SocialBallroom.Dance
Photography:, DanceSport Photography
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