Anna Kuzminskaya’s Ex-Current Partner – Andrey Zaytsev

Elena Anashina Photography

Couples break up, partner up with different dancers and continue competing. But, occasionally we may observe a slightly different scenario. In this case, circumstances dictated for them to stop, and after 2 years of dancing with other partners (well, with other partner to be exact) they are back together. Here is a little story behind Andrey Zaystev & Anna Kuzminskaya – 2015 WDSF PD World Latin Champions.

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We gotta say, quite a come back! First comp back together, and already a title!? But, let’s start from the beginning:

The Debut of Andrey and Anna

To our knowledge, the couple started dancing together in 1998, and their first registered major competitive event was in September of 2000. They were competing in both Ballroom and Latin categories, but as of October 2009, have decided to focus on Latin only. They showed great results together, and were the couple representing Russia at most international WDSF events, until…

Anna’s maternity leave and Andrey’s new Partnership

The win at the European Championship in April of 2013 in Krasnodar, Russia was the last recorded competition together. After, Anna was known to leave competitive dancing to have a child. But, as mentioned in one of the recent interviews, in just a little over a month after delivery she was back to practicing and teaching.

Andrey, however, had to face some partner search complications. He eventually teamed with freshly available Elizaveta Cherevichnaya (who previously danced with Andrey Gusev) and took their dancing to WDSF’s Professional Division. Super Grand Prix in Magdeburg, Germany in December of 2013 is their first recorded competition, where they showed amazing results by placing 2nd.

Andrey and Anna’s Shows and Recent Comeback

Even though Andrey had started competing with a different partner, the ballroom dance club “Spektr” in Vologda, owned by Anna’s mother – Elena Kuzminskaya, had remained his home studio. Occasionally, the club would organize a Grand Show, consisting of at least 25 performing couples. This was an opportunity for ex-partners, but still good friends, remember the good times, and perform as a duet again.

And next thing we know – They are back together!

Their comeback on Novemeber 7th at WDSF World Championships in Dresden, German was strong! It was mature, it was well seasoned, it was… Professional!

It’s time for your opinion. Who do you think is a better match for Andrey – Anna Kuzminskaya or Elizaveta Cherevichnaya?