9 1/2 Weeks – 2020 Edition – BALLROOM DANCE COUPLE – Ep. 20


It has been over two months since the BIG announcement on COVID-19 in Canada and the rest of the World. Within the next few weeks into the announcement, the borders, businesses and all doors to households have closed. It was, and still is a shocking experience for everyone. We are truly living through interesting times. And what is there to say about dance?

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As we have established numerous times, dancers are, first and foremost, people. And once there was a ban on visiting public places (in our case, dance studios) we have gone dormant inside our homes. Of course, we still try to stay as physically active as possible, but in reality, our active dance sport spirits started to rapidly decline.

Since technology has taken over our lives, thanks to the Internet we kept ourselves busy. Dance teachers took their practice to video platforms and did whatever they could to still have the reach. Self expression through social media had only increased.

More about that on the next write up, but how are you holding up in the lockdown?!

Here’s how the Ballroom Dance Couple – Egor & Fifi, deals with staying at home. BIG THANKS to AP Glamour (https://apglamour.com) for sponsoring this episode. A truly innovative designer of ballroom dance accessories. Check out their amazing stuff!