8 Places You Can Dance At And Didn’t Think Of Right Away


One of the beautiful things about dancing is that it really can be done anywhere. Here are 8 places you can dance at, which you probably didn’t think of right away.

Sure, there’s the tried-and-true studio socials, dance halls, and the occasional practice session out of the local church. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a few places to get your dance on that may never have occurred to you:

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Street festival or other outdoor venues

There’s often at least a few nearby festivals that have a section for outdoor dancing. For instance, the Toronto Beaches Jazz Fest has a portable dance floor where people can go for a quick group lesson and practice a few moves. Other festivals like Salsa on St. Clair, are all about a specific dance, and features a street full of potential partners.

Weekend congresses or dance camps

For those willing to shell out a bit more dough for a proportional increase in their dance ability, the year is full of weekend to week-long workshops, performances, and social dancing ’til dawn. Do a quick Google search, and subscribe to choice mailing lists to plan the year’s events – avoid getting surprised with an empty wallet.


Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties, Sweet Sixteen parties, etc.

There comes a certain time in our life, when it’s time to take the next step… And that step usually involves getting invited to various celebration where your friends and family can show off their shiny new legal partner or car keys. Ballroom dancing can certainly fit into the classier of these shindigs, where most of the competition tends to head to the cash bar until the DJ takes over.

Restaurants or bars

Larger restaurants sometimes provide chances for Rhythm/Latin dancing, although the music may not always be strict tempo. Knowledge of these hot spots often travels by word-of-mouth, so you may have to do some sleuthing to find the where and when. Post to your local dance forum to stay in the loop.


Business functions

Though far less common since the Mad Men era, some high-powered industries still occasionally host networking socials that allow you to both connect and cha cha. No other place is as likely to find you both a charming dance partner and a new litigation lawyer.


Surfs up! While seasonal, dancing barefoot on the sand can actually improve elements of floor connection… So why not make a dance party out of it? One of the few places close to civilization where you can dance while enjoying lovely ambiance, plenty of space, and (relatively) little risk of being tackled by a security guard mid-promenade.


Flash Mobs

Speaking of avoiding security guards, this is a great option for the mischievous souls, the ones who like to shake up the days of unsuspecting passerby with subway salsas, Grand Central Station tangos, and food court foxtrots. The thrill of revealing your secret dancing identity in public is only dampened by the fact that it’s almost inevitably short-lived – security guards have to make a living too, after all.

Any Open Space, Really

Finally, there’s the option of just finding a place with your favourite dance buddies, smacking down an iPod and speakers, and letting ‘er rip. Scout out empty market squares, larger gazebos, outdoor stages… The possibilities are endless. My personal favourite is the harbour at sundown. But that’s just me… Where do YOU want to dance?

Author: Ian Crewe – Dance-Envy.com
Photography: Alex Rowan – DanceSport Photography
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review