6 Types Of Dancesport Couple Relationships

Elena Anashina

Over the years of watching and attending dance competitions, going to practice and seeing other couples dance, I saw many different partnerships. Men and women mixed and matched in all kinds of different combinations. Despite this immense variety of couples and people, I couldn’t help but notice that there are 6 main types of relationships between dance partners.

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The Brother-Sister Bond

You know (or you speculate) that they are siblings (because, they probably are, or have similar facial features). Thinking of that always makes their dancing seem a little awkward, but in most cases perfectly harmonized. Sometimes the common background or youth makes it all harmless and innocent. Sometimes it makes you cringe.


Harry and Sally

Is it possible that a man and a woman can just be friends, or would the sex thing always get in the way? It looks like these guys are in the “friends” zone, but they seem to have something unspoken going on – A chemistry that is a little bit confusing, but interesting to watch.


The Fighters

“Love is a Battlefield” seems to be the statement that describes this couple best. No practice will go by without a fight. There is a sense of aggression to their movements, a love-hate relationship that makes their dancing thrilling and exciting. They push each other to the maximum, but the question about how long their partnership is going to last, will always fill the room.


The Love Birds

This is the couple that will enter the room holding hands. They will smootch and hug off the floor. A kiss on the lips before and after each dance is mandatory. They share a love like Romeo and Juliet, but less tragic. If you are a romantic soul, you will love to see them dance together, if not, you might just get a little bit sick.


Tarzan & Jane

You always wonder when you see them dance, how their partnership came together. But in some strange and odd way it just fits. They are completely different characters, one of them being wild and free and the other one elegant and graceful. It’s like “BOOM!” – two worlds collide in the most fascinating way.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith

This is the couple you will spot first on the dance floor. They are skilled in everything they do and are professional enough to keep a mysterious flair to their relationship to each other. They will draw you in and will keep you watching. These two are look beautiful together, sharp and seemingly perfect to the outside. But, behind the scenes – they are probably not all peace, joy and pancakes.

Every partnership is something special and since we are all different and also different as dance couples, we cannot define which type of relationship is good or ideal. And I bet that the relationship to our partners includes more than one of these types. So which ones describe you and your partner best?

Author: Sophia Wedel
Photography: Elena Anashina
Exclusively for Dance Comp Review